How to make the most of Google AdWords PPC?

Published: 19th January 2012
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Google AdWords is a powerful online marketing tool that can help your website get sales leads and market intelligence conveniently and in a cost-efficient manner. If you want to market your products or business in a fast manner, the pay per click ads on Google can be your key to success.

While Google AdWords is an extremely useful and highly effective way of marketing your business, its success rate depends on how well you use this tool. Discussed below are some tips that can help in launching the pay per click ad on Google and carry out a successful Google AdWords campaign on the Internet:

Find out what people are looking for through keyword research: The first step towards ensuring a high-quality and performance-oriented Google AdWords campaign is by having a great keyword list. It is important to find out what people are searching for on the search engines, how much traffic is out there for a particular keyword and related trends. If your keyword list is not properly targeted, it will lead to poor performance of the pay per click ad and your website will be lost in the crowd. In order to find the best and most effective keywords, you can use different tools such as Google AdWords Suggesting Tool, Overture Suggestion Tool and Wordtracker.

Perform competitor analysis: When you step into the Internet marketing arena it is important to check out all your competitors. Finding out what your competitors are bidding or, what their ads are and how are they created, are some of the factors that you should look at while performing the competitor analysis. This can help you in devising your strategy so that you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Create a highly clickable ad copy: Another important factor that determines the success of your pay per click ad on Google is creating an appealing ad copy that compels the users to click it. Sensible use of the targeted keywords and right

language is the way to go about when creating a copy for your ad. You can look at the ads your competitors are using on Google. Use your main keyword in the title of your ad copy and its body. Moreover, you can also create multiple copies and use the one that can deliver best results. In case that ad copy fails to perform, you can replace it with a new and better ad copy.

Use creative bidding strategies to stay ahead of the competitors: You can use different strategies for successful bidding. Some of the bidding options that you can use include striving for the number 1 position, never bidding more than the minimum bid and positioning yourself next to a weaker competitor. All these strategies have to be used according to the need and situation.

Have a separate landing page for each ad: To maximise the targeted traffic on your website, it is important have a eparate landing page for each ad. If all the ads direct to a single web page, the traffic would be low and limited.

Improve through split testing: There is always scope for improvement when it comes to Google AdWords. Through split testing, you can determine which ad works best for your website and business and which aspects are weak in your ad copy. This helps in improving the quality of your pay per click campaign.

Use Google analytics to monitor your performance: Google Analytics is an extremely helpful tool which helps in determining your conversion rate and click through rate. It provides the AdWords statistics that can maximise your ROI and profits.

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